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The collection Terraforms is generative animated art representing a piece of land.

Each terraform exists on its own and is partof a larger whole, a so-called hypercastle in which the coordinates of the NFT represent the position in the hypercastle.

11104 pieces, 1193 are held in the Mathcastles treasury as an alternative to the royalty model, used to finance the project.

The code stored on Ethereum is 100% on-chain.

The visualization with animated Unicode graphics is the output of the code and consists of a 32*32 grid.

Hypercastle All NFTs taken together form a three-dimensional structure, the hypercastle.

The name of the NFT indicates its position in the hypercastle.

Complete Hypercastle on the left.

For example: Level 2 at {2,1} – Level= height= z axis/ {2=width=x axis / 1}=depth=y axis. Thus the two-dimensional structure of the terraform is embedded in the three-dimensional structure of the hypercastle.

Right picture is just an example.

Terrain mode What mode the terraform is, is defined in the respective smart contract.

Each NFT is 100% on-chain and can therefore be retrieved at any time via the blockchain.

The original mode of the animated ASCII artwork is called Terrain.

Daydream mode In this mode the smart contract can be used as a drawing tool by using a direct command via Etherscan.

The user can create the NFT within the given possibilities.

However, switching to Daydream mode can only be done once and is not reversible.

Terraform mode: The data changed by the user is passed on to the blockchain to make the output visible to others.

The change between terrain and terraform modes can be repeated infinitely, between terrain and daydream only once and led to a decrease of Terrain.

The interactions with the different modes in turn influence the entire structure of the hypercastle.

As long as users interact with the terraforms, the hypercastle remains dynamic.

Additional there are various traits that we will discuss.

Traits Zone/ Color Palette: 75 different Biome/ Character Set, numbers: 92, e.g. 0-9, A-Z, or other characters Chroma/ Speed of Animation, numbers: 4 ???/ Character Cycling: The higher the number, the more cells are animated, 0 would be static.

Maximum number is 53,995.

Rarity The rarest NFTs can be found on levels 1 and 20 > 13 each. The most common on levels 13= 2075, and level 14= 2044.

Keystones The so-called Keystones, hidden mini cards contained in the Terraform and representing a complete level, are also interesting. There are between 50 and 100 of these keystones.